About Thomasson Family Farm

What a challenge we had this spring to get our seeds in the ground with all the rain.  We were finally able to get our tractors in the field and planted on June 5th.  But, once the pumpkins were in the ground they made up for lost time and came up in record time.  The heat wave in early September helped put all that orange in the field.

All that great soil, fertilized by the cows, has made a great growing 'patch'. Our only challenge has been the weeds - watch for Nana out after them this year - it's her quest.  It's been great to have them more visible along the road, as you have been able to 'watch us grow'.

We have added to our varieties this year, along with our standard pumpkins, come and check them out.  Pumpkins are sold by a size chart, just match up your pumpkin to the chart, and let us know what you have; it’s as simple as that.  We'll even let you decide.  


Thomasson Family Farm Pumpkins!
Fun Photos!  There's something for everyone in our pumpkin patch!

Pumpkin Patch